Play. Burn. Earn.

An innovative P2E real estate game that is entirely on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to Play

Here are a few things players can do in House Game

$CASH Token
Stake Houses and Utility Buildings to earn $CASH on a daily basis.
House Game Opensea
Purchase items on our marketplace using yielded $CASH.
House Game Rewards
Climb a weekly leaderboard by burning $CASH for a chance to compete.

About Us

House Game is a P2E real estate NFT game. Our project introduces novel mechanics, secure smart contracts and community driven expansions.

In House Game, there are a total of 14,000 Houses and 700 Utility Buildings. Each house and utility building is visually unique, and their appearance is randomly generated upon mint. Properties yield $CASH, our in game utility token, when staked and pay a fee to staked Utility Buildings. The more rare the House is, the more $CASH it yields. Players can use their $CASH to purchase items in our marketplace, as well as compete against other landlords for a prize pool in a weekly competition.
House Game NFT

The Houses & Buildings

There are a total of 7 House models, each yielding a different amount of $CASH. Utility Buildings yield $CASH through fees that staked Houses pay.

The Treehouse

Why live underneath a luxurious roof when you can live in a tree! Climbing is not an option, it’s required.


10 $CASH

Chance of Mint


The Trailer

One of your first real estate properties. Let your tenants travel the world in a house on wheels!


12 $CASH

Chance of Mint


The Cabin

We hope your tenants like the smell of old oak and fresh pine! Drink some morning brew while soaking in sunshine!


15 $CASH

Chance of Mint


The Single Story

Now we’re talking. Getting realistic with your real estate. Somebody’s going to have to mow the lawn.


20 $CASH

Chance of Mint


The Two Story

Double the floor, double the space, double the cleaning. Make sure to leave the balcony door closed.


30 $CASH

Chance of Mint


The Mansion

Big mansion with a big garage for some fancy cars. Leave one outside so your neighbor can appreciate luxury.


50 $CASH

Chance of Mint


The Castle

Roll out the red carpet and make sure your shoes are clean before walking in. You’re royalty now.


120 $CASH

Chance of Mint


The Utility Building

Sit back and collect $CASH from everyone else. Yield varies, Utility Buildings carry no risks.


89 $CASH

Chance of Mint


The Roadmap

We are a community driven project. Our roadmap is heavily influenced by what our community believes is best for House Game. Here are some of the core plans we have set in stone.

Initial launch Q1 2022

On launch day, a selected group of whitelisted players will be able to mint up to 3 Houses or 1 Utility Building. Upon minting, all landlords will have immediate access to all staking features.

Marketplace expansionQ2 2022

Our marketplace will launch and will be populated with whitelist spots to hype projects, physical/digital items, and weekly high valued NFT raffles. Items from our marketplace can only be purchased using $CASH.

Second launchQ3 2022

Once our leaderboard game is fully developed and ready to be deployed, we will allow a larger selected group of whitelisted players to mint Houses and Utility Buildings. With our second launch, our leaderboard game will be fully developed and deployed.

Real estate expansionQ4 2022

Homeowners will be able to upgrade the interior and exterior features of their houses. This will allow houses to yield additional $CASH, as well as pay less fees to utility buildings. This will come at a cost as materials will wear over time, requiring homeowners to pay for maintenance.

Our Community

House Game is a community driven project with transparency and integrity at it’s core. Our community stretches to the four corners of the earth.

Who is House Game?

We are a team of passionate followers of Christ who are innovating the future of P2E games. All of our core team members are based within the United States.
Evandro Rodrigues

Evandro Rodrigues

Founder · Lead Engineer

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